Resident Evil 2 official remake announced at E3 2018

A few years ago, we gathered together as a group of friends and Resident Evil fans to “bring back” what we think is the true essence of survival horror — that’s how Invader Studios was born.
Tonight, we really saw a dream come true thanks to Capcom and the incredible trailer of Resident Evil 2 that was shown during Sony‘s PlayStation press conference.
We already had a glimpse of what the game would be when we toured their Osaka headquarters, back in 2015, but still, we can’t be less than amazed and so humbled to be a little part of this incredible story.
Arigatou, Capcom!
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  • Tom Santana

    WOW! I think you guys are the dream come true! I was raised on the survival horror of the 90's and it's still a massive part of my life. Thank you for all for Invader Studios, for what you represent, and what you're accomplishing for us all!

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