• Harpal Vilkhu

    When is the release date for playstation and xbox?

  • Madari Al Kihedan

    Hi there invader studio , I am a fan of you , Loved Daymare 1998 , Though it was a great survival horror game with a excellent atmosphere and gore , So I would love that you would add more monsters in Daymare because the roster is lackluster and the game needed more polish with more responsive controls , This is my honest criticism of Daymare because I loved it , Hopefully you continue to improve this game because what you have right now is a huge potential Resident Evil killer , PS : Bought the game once and am buying it again physically on PS4 ,,, : )

  • Madari Al Kihedan

    In case you wonder folks , Yes I want Daymare 2 as well ,,,, ; )

    • Madari Al Kihedan

      Hi there Invader studio , I love Daymare 1998 , It’s a great survival horror game , The new update was a nice touch , So thank you for that , But would you please fix the game more !? Honestly it started to crash on me a lot and the textures doesn’t appear well or reload , And the zombies bodies clips through the ground most of the time , Would you kindly fix these issues along side the performance !? It be great if the game have a steady 30fps because it drops way below and get so slow , oh and are you planning for more content !? I would love to see more thank you , I just love this game and I wants it to be in best conditions , :’)

  • Jarred Kirzner

    I also am wondering when the update will be available for console versions of the game. I just purchased the physical copy for PS4 June 16th. Thank you guys so much for this game. I'm a huge fan!

  • stephen white

    why isnt there a new gameplus or an unlockable infinite ammo gun

    • Madari Al Kihedan

      Well Stephen , They said in the latest update which is available right now that there will be more content , Possibly the mercenary mode or the rumored classic fixed camera mode they teased back in 2017 , Ether way am loving this game , Truly a third person survival horror done right that put RE2 and RE3 reboots to shame although suffering from performance issues and lack extra modes , All I can say is , RIP Paul Haddad Am gonna miss you , Take care of your self Stephen , Hope you enjoy your time with your loved ones , : )

  • Madari Al Kihedan

    So when the latest update will lunch for consoles ? , So far only available on PC , Why ? Are there any new modes or extra content coming soon ? Because I And most of the fans want more , I would appreciate it .

  • Paul

    Game is broke and unplayable. These looked very good on the trailers, now, I cant even get past a mission because the assets of the game decided to collide. Not even restaring the game fixes it!

    • Madari Al Kihedan

      Any new updates Invader Studio !? , I’d appreciate a fix for the frame rates , Textures and some extra content , Like weapons , Modes and unlockables , I don’t want to regret buying this game 2 times on PS4 , I hope you won’t abandon this great game because it has so much potential . Your truly : A fan

  • Gunthi

    Hello there just bought your game on GOG. Noticed that on the first chapter before turning on the power grid the ventilation fans are not spinning anymore...just saying it was a nice touch. cant i reload the sub machinegun magazine if i only have the one on the weapon?

  • Madari Al Kihedan

    Thank you so much Invader Studio for this game and the update as well , It really warms my heart to see that you listen to the fans and are passionate about this game , I would love to see more content for this amazing game , Like more extra monsters , Extra modes like mercenary mode or a fixed camera classic mode aka the one you mentioned and showed in 2017 , I would love that , The updates fixes a lot of problems but still there are more issues , like frame rates dropping below 20 FPS and bodies clipping through floors , I say this because I love this game so much , It has a lot of amazing potential , And seriously I want Daymare 2 already folks ,,, Yes this game has a great story and plot too , it also has the voice of Paul Haddad who played my favorite character in Resident Evil , RIP Paul , Sorry for this long comment , Hope you continue improving and adding content into this great game , : ‘)

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