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    Cristóbal Palacios
    Posted at 10:04, 29 Settembre 2018

    Where can I see your participation in gamescom 2018. Can’t find anything in YouTube. Also give us updates on Daymare 1998, can’t wait to know more about the game, looks great, I know it’s gonna be great! You need to announce a release date now man. I know you guy are going to get a good response from everybody, I know the game it’s gonna be success!

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    Posted at 7:10, 14 Dicembre 2018

    I LOVE your Game, usted really survival horror.
    Its posible a Beta for playing un my little Channel of YouTube?
    This is my Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-9ZxKsYB3hRQ-gSIOc7SIQ
    Sorry foto my englis.

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    Posted at 7:11, 14 Dicembre 2018

    Mensaje 2
    Sorry my platafor is ps4

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