Welcome to the new Invader Studios’ Blog!

 Our love for all things survival horror has brought us to this place. This incredible, exciting place. Millions of people have seen our videos and we are humbled by your support.


We started this journey like a group of survival horror fans, passionate for Resident Evil saga especially, but now we are really excited to be a true indie software house, with more than 10 professionals engaged every day in making their passion a job.


It has taken us to many places we never, in our wildest dreams expected to go. We have been to Japan, to Capcom offices, we have been to Milan Games Week, showing people our creation.


Now, we want you to come on our journey. Because without you, there is no journey. So we have started this blog and opened our forums so that you can join in with us and together we can make 1998 Daymare, a reality.


What can you expect from this blog? We want you to hear it first, see it first.  We want to share with you our successes and failures along the way.  To make announcements, to show new ideas and most importantly, to get your thoughts and opinions and share your ideas, so together we can ‘bring back the fear’.


To round off this first blog post, we would like to thank you all for the affection, for the suggestions and opinions. Is moving see how thousand of survival horror fans write us everyday for show us their hopes, interest and attachment to our IP, Daymare: 1998.


Really THANK YOU so much, guys!

We will be posting again soon with details of our Kickstarter plan.