Over 40.000 THANKS for the amazing worldwide support! The Kickstarter Campaign is now closed, but something is coming…


Dear Backers, Press and Supporters,
First and foremost, I would like to say that the last few weeks has been an incredible experience for us. The passion of our fans has truly overwhelmed us. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet with you and talk to you through our social channels and through Kickstarter.
We have run two separate campaigns during this period and we are very pleased to see that Daymare: 1998 is doing amazing well on Steam Greenlight. We are at 15 out of 3,147 titles at the time of me writing this.
WOW, thank you all so much!
Our second campaign, the Kickstarter campaign, is not going to make it I am afraid. Our goal was high. We knew it was high.    The intention was to reach a self-funding level and to do that we had to shoot for the S.T.A.R.S. and we knew there was a high risk of not getting there. But we are far from disappointed. Nearly 1,200 people believed in us.  We are so humbled by your support and would like to thank each and every one of you. That you were prepared, collectively to back us to the value of over 40,000 euros for our vision, gives us hope and belief. As we will not reach our funding goal, it means that we have to explore other avenues. And we have been exploring. Now, we are happy to tell you that we are also deep in discussions with a few partners. So watch this space 🙂
All your support and words of encouragement have made us even more determined to make Daymare: 1998 a success so once again, thank you so much, each and every one of you. You inspire us and will continue to drive us onward.
From the Invader Studios Team

  • Alonzo
    Posted at 19:39, 15 Marzo 2017

    Thanks for the pirate,i really hope that the game see the light in the future…if you starts another campaign, post it please….

  • Stefano Romani
    Posted at 19:52, 15 Marzo 2017

    Let us know if we can help elsewhere (just as the game Apocalypse Now did, opening a crowfunding web site after the failed kickstarter campaign).
    We believe in you, keep us updated please.

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