New “Daymare: 1998” logo presented!

Hello guys!
Summer is almost over and we are getting ready for the most intense period of the year, but we wanted to take some time to make a quick post and show you the new Daymare: 1998 logo. We are so excited about that! What do you think?


We’ll be sharing more and more details on the game’s development in the coming months, so keep checking this page to see what we are up to!


Also, if you happen to be in Milan from September 29th to October 1st don’t miss the wonderful Milan Games Week 2017!
We’ll be present with a new playable demo of Daymare: 1998 that will include the Prologue of the game (further news in the next few days)!


Thank you all so much for the support, likes, messages, and comments coming from all over the world and, don’t forget… fear the ’90s!