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Japanese Survival Horror Tour 2019: last step

Here we are with the last step of the 2019 Japanese Survival Horror Tour!This time, we want to celebrate the meeting with the #daymare1998 Japanese edition publisher, DMM Games, that hosted us in their amazing skyscraper in Tokyo.An amazing day with amazing people, who just a few months later were going to deliver a fantastic game edition to all the main Japanese videogame stores.Thanks to all the legends we met during this magical trip and looking forward to meeting them again soon!Remind you can get #daymare1998 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and wishlist #daymare1994sandcastle following the links below:

STEAM: https://bit.ly/2UCvJOe
PS4: https://bit.ly/3z6GnM1
XBOX ONE: https://bit.ly/3giPjXl
WISHLIST: https://bit.ly/3ghPr8C