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invader studios daymare 98

It’s celebration day!

Two years ago, #daymare1998 was launched on PC Steam worldwide. Something impossible to describe and so amazing to be unforgettable for us!The first installment of the Daymare saga is still surprising every day, with more and more players and fans all around the world. And we want to thank you all for this!But now, brace yourself since something new, or better “old”, is coming up in 2022 with the next #daymare1994sandcastle!

Buy Daymare: 1998 on PC Steam, PS4 and Xbox One and wishlist Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle following these links:
STEAM: https://bit.ly/2UCvJOe
PS4: https://bit.ly/3z6GnM1
XBOX ONE: https://bit.ly/3giPjXl
Wishlist: https://bit.ly/3ghPr8C